Our Team

Our employees are experts in wireless construction, installation, maintenance and safety.  Their depth of experience is unparalleled in the industry.  Each employee is a graduate of the Signal Hill QA Tower Academy.

Signal Hill QA Tower Academy: North America’s most advanced Tower Tech Training Program:

  • 200,000 sq ft. facility in Charlotte NC.
  • 2 x 60’ towers and 8 x 20’ foot training towers
  • Capacity to train 60 tower techs simultaneously
  • First aid/CPR, RF awareness, tower access and rope rescue, defensive driving, industry safety protocol, rigging, AC DC power, crane safety, aerial work platform, electrical safety, microwave.

Trust, Quality & Leadership:

Our customers have confidence in Signal Hill which has earned our position of market leadership in telecom construction quality inspection and audit services.

The quality, safety, uptime and profitability of our customers’ wireless infrastructure are our prime focus. We ensure that your facilities, equipment, projects and processes meet exacting standards.

We are your independent advocate  You can trust Signal Hill to act with independence, integrity and in complete alignment with your quality goals.

Signal Hill has delivered thousands of quality inspections.  We stand behind our results and guarantee our impact. Signal Hill is your partner in safety and quality.