Signal Hill

We are the industry’s
largest and only independent provider of
Quality Inspections and Audit Services.


Our History

In December 1901 Guglielmo Marconi assembled a wireless receiver at Signal Hill, Newfoundland, the closest point to Europe in North America. He set up his wireless radio in an abandoned hospital that straddled the cliff facing Europe on the top of Signal Hill. After several attempts, he managed to raise an antenna with a kite and received the first wireless transatlantic message.  From these early days of wireless, the industry has evolved dramatically into an advanced, ever changing technical marvel.  While benefitting greatly from un-tethered freedom, new economic opportunity, and highly connected social interactions,  ensuring a high quality service has been a constant challenge.  Today, Signal Hill leads the way with wireless industry providers to improve the quality of their network infrastructure.

We are the wireless telecommunication industry’s largest and only independent provider of Quality Inspections and Audit Services.  Here’s the Signal Hill difference:

  • Rapid Turnaround on Audit Requests: North America’s largest independent quality audit firm. We can mobilize crews anywhere, anytime.
  • Better Insight from Audits: We capture unbiased results, provide key statistics to help understand and act on data:
    • Top / bottom performing installation contractors
    • Market trends
    • Top deficiency items
  • Insight into Action: Take your results & help customize training programs and tools to drive permanent quality improvements into your field operations.
  • Safety: 15 Year, 100% incident free safety record.
  • Leadership: Completed 35,000+ wireless infrastructure audits.