Quality: It Matters

Wireless carriers invest Billions in network upgrades, coverage expansion and higher data capacity. US industry estimates peg this at $35B a year for the next five years. Unfortunately a significant amount of this investment is wasted through poor construction techniques and shoddy workmanship. Corners are cut and quality takes a hit. The wireless construction and contractor market is highly fragmented; with small mom and pop operators to large scale, global engineering firms. Sub-contracting arrangements among the various companies involved in construction creates accountability gaps in assuring 100% quality. Wireless carriers suffer significant costs due to quality lapses in every project phase and milestone. These costs are enormous. One major US carrier estimates that substandard installation quality consumed 20% of their budget for a recent nation-wide upgrade.  Network performance suffers resulting in increased churn and lost market share.  Safety is also compromised in inferior quality work. Crews working on wireless towers are amongst the most at risk work force in the US. Quality and safety go hand in hand. Quality gaps in the infrastructure pose a major risk to the thousands of workers who install and maintain cell networks and systems.

Component technology continues to advance and evolve. These high tech systems are increasingly sophisticated and precise and require specialized expertise to install and maintain. Poorly trained field techs can damage or improperly handle this equipment. The wireless industry also suffers from a shortage of skilled tower techs and the travel and long hours contributes to high turnover. These factors compound the cost and risk of low quality across the industry. Quality gaps are a multi-billion dollar industry problem. Fixing this is our mission.